PLANS for the future,
unique abstract canvas art.



The main aim nowadays is to show new realistically functioning vehicle technology as concept art - primarily exquisite car designs and impressive spaceships. If there will be enough time and opportunities, than this project is to be expended to more goals - e.g. real or virtual 3D objects. Making real physical devices is very time intensive, so for now this is more of a long-term goal.







Abstract paintings

These canvas acrylic abstract paintings are done in a special way (harmonizes daily life). Unfortunately, such paintings can't be made very cheap. But if any interest, the shown abstract acrylic canvas paintings can be bought and sent with international postal service (including the stretcher frame) - contact for further information.

Original yoga paintings.

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Painting C-006. Size (LxH): 90x90 cm. Indication: ''2015.02.02''.



Painting C-005. Size (LxH): 100x100 cm. Indication: ''2015.01.30''. SOLD



Painting C-004. Size (LxH): 100x100 cm. Indication: ''2014.12.18''. SOLD



Painting C-003. Size (LxH): 270x270 cm. Indication: ''2014.05.01''. SOLD



Painting C-002. Size (LxH): 100x100cm. Indication: ''2013.12.03''. SOLD


Painting C-001. Size (LxH): 270x200 cm. Indication: ''2013.01.01''. SOLD

Some other sold canvas pictures are not shown here anymore.    


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