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ABOUT Juergen RAU:

Juergen RAU (Austrian Jürgen RAU) is a concept vehicle designer, focusing on strong 2D and 3D shape designs -  primarily on futuristic vehicles such as cars, spaceships, mechs and so on. This supreme design language stages all customer-projects up to the best look ever possible. The full overall general knowledge is shown on the concept works page (including such topics as fantasy, character, props and interior). See the designer's portfolio works page (main expertise), the page concept art and abstract art to find out that makes the designer unique.  Feel free to make a contact for availability and rates.


This website was founded in 2008, years after Jürgen Rau began working on concept designs in industry companies, such as in the Predevelopment Concept Division (originally called in those days "Vorentwicklung Konzepte") of the car company MAGNA Steyr. The designer worked on designing industrial and mobile robots, conventional and unconventional flying aircrafts, speedboats, trains,  renewable energy machinery etc. - most of these project works are still classified as top secret. A small amount of the designer's concept works can be shown on this website (and could be also found in other design pages). In February 1997 during an international competition carried out in Vienna, the designer won the 1st price in the category "Digital Art".

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(Links and devices that can be honestly recommended and tested within in-house conditions by the designer).


www.juergenrau.com - a very interesting website.

www.juergenraucom.deviantart.com - Juergen RAU on www.devianart.com

www.artstation.com/artist/juergenraucom - Juergen RAU on www.artstation.com

www.juergenraucom.cgsociety.org - Juergen RAU on www.cgsociety.org

www.juergenraucom.cgplus.com - Juergen RAU on http://www.cgplus.com


Audio Technica ATH-M50X head phones => perhaps the best headphone on the market - if you use it with a good sound card on your PC/device, than it is as if you hear music the first time ever. It is very important to play loud music through the headphones for 1-3 days strait to make their sound membranes become flexible. Do this before using them and reduce the noise by putting them into a closed shelf. Only after this procedure, the sound becomes crisp and simply incredible.

Spyder4Elite calibration device -> a PC monitor calibration tool for the PC monitor to show the images in wright colors. If your monitor was not calibrated, then you are not viewing the images with the intended colors. For example, a white image could look blue or yellow.